PCIe Riser VER009s - Latest Design, Gold Plated

  • $10.99


This riser is the latest and greatest design currently available, has 2 LED's on the riser and one on the extension port for easier troubleshooting capabilities. The extension port has also been redesigned to fit motherboard slots better.

Perfect for any multi GPU Rig to allow a 16x slot gpu connect to a 1x slot on a motherboard! Using risers gives the benefits of increased rig density, better cooling & ease of troubleshooting if problems occur. Best of all no drivers required. Compatible with Windows & Linux. The item is a must have for any serious miner!


  • Board size: approx.13cm x4.5cm x 1.5cm
  • PCIe 6Pin power input (With sata adapter also if required)
  • No driver needed.
  • Fits on 1x,4x,8x,16x PCIe slot of the motherboard.
  • With 3x FP solid capacitors, making power supply more stable.
  • 60cm USB 3.0 Connector cable between riser and motherboard.
  • Color: Circuit board--Red/ black/blue. USB3.0 Cable:Blue or Black