USB Watchdog - Automatically Reset Hanging PC's Unnattended

  • $13.99


Dual Relay Watchdogs are perfect for unattended monitoring of any mission critical systems, such as home servers, mining rigs or even your gaming pc if you need it operational 24/7.

This device will monitor the computers status by receiving a ping from the computer at a predefined interval (between 10s-1270s). If this ping is not received it will automatically attempt to restart the computer by pressing the reset switch. If the computer dosent boot after the reset switch, the inbuilt logic will press and hold the power button, wait 5 seconds then re-power the device.

The device does require drivers, very simple to install on both windows and linux. Many other watchdogs do not support linux, beware.


  • Unpack the Watchdog.
  • Make sure power to device is off and unplugged from the wall.
  • Plug in the 2x 2 pin connectors into the watchdog, note which goes into the PWR and which RST (Both cables are marked differently).
  • Refer to your motherboard book and plug in the 2x 2pin cables into the internal POWER and RESET switch headers - what your case buttons usually connect too.
  • Plug the usb into any usb port on motherboard.
  • Plug the power back into the device and turn it on
  • Install drivers from here


We recommend to use HIVE OS if mining, this OS already has the watchdog support in place so all you have to do is power off, plug in and power on. Join HIVE OS here.